Since ancient times, in ancient medicine, Cordyceps has been considered an elixir capable of supporting the treatment of chronic diseases of the heart, kidneys, lungs, high blood pressure, nocturia … restoring health for Elderly, physiological enhancement for men.
With a very special structure, when harmoniously combining yin and yang, is both a plant and an animal. Cordyceps also becomes an extremely rare medicine because of its harsh living environment, in the high mountains, icy all year round.
According to modern scientific studies, Cordyceps has over 17 types of Axitamin, Cordycepin, Adenosin and trace elements, minerals and vitamins. Because of its rich pharmacological properties, Cordyceps is used to effectively prevent and treat liver, kidney, lung, and blood pressure diseases such as cirrhosis, liver cancer, kidney failure, kidney failure, pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, strengthening the immune system …
Especially with the elderly, Cordyceps Cordyceps also helps to sleep well, reduce aging and prolong life. It is also an effective medicine to help inhibit harmful organisms, improve the ability to fight cancer, reduce cholesterol against atherosclerosis, prevent accidents, and regulate blood pressure.
Currently, the medical community continues to have many scientific works to maximize the ingredients of Cordyceps in human health care to support against dangerous diseases of the world such as, dementia, HIV
With the desire to be proactive in quality and serve the consumers well, Truc Anh has cooperated with domestic and foreign scientists to successfully produce Cordyceps in the artificial environment in Vietnam.
With advanced farming technology, proactively sourcing seeds with high medicinal properties, cultured in the environment of temperature, humidity, light … are monitored and controlled strictly, ensuring quality at the stages. In addition, Cordyceps Truc Anh is also closely cared for and harvested only at the time of achieving the best medicinal properties. With a team of professionally trained technicians and employees, each product of Truc Dong Cordyceps Truc Anh has to undergo a lot of rigorous testing. Ensuring each product has an exceptional quality: healthy shape, large body, rounded heads.

Not only that, thanks to the investment in the application of advanced drying technology, Truc Anh cordyceps retains high pharmaceutical content. Test results show that the content of Cordycepin and Adenosin of the product is as high as the natural cordyceps products.
In addition to the traditional products of fresh and dried Cordyceps, in Truc Anh, there are more product lines from Cordyceps such as dried tea, powder, tea bag, capsule, … to meet Diverse needs of users.
In order for the product to reach customers most convenient in addition to distribution in stores, agents, showrooms, customers can now buy online at the website: or call the 1900 call center. 55 88 32 Truc Anh will deliver the product to your site on request. From concern and responsibility to public health, Truc Anh Cordyceps products have always been the trust of consumers.