Very good effect of Cordyceps in Cancer

When it comes to cancer, everyone thinks that people suffering from this evil disease will only live by the day. If the disease is in the early stages, the ability to be cured, if already at the stage of metastasis, there is almost no cure.
According to statistics of the Vietnam Cancer Society, each year, our country has more than 150,000 cases of cancer and over 75,000 people die from cancer. If the total number of patients already infected, up to now, there are about 260,000 cancer patients in the country being treated. Most cancer patients are diagnosed at the end of their life, so the cure is very difficult.
More dangerously, this disease continues to increase the number of cases acquired with the tendency to rejuvenate. Remarkably, over 90% of the causes of cancer are caused by the external environment, by eating contaminated foods and foods, plus an unregulated lifestyle, which makes many people at risk.

Cordyceps (king herbs) have many good uses for cancer patients

King herbs have up to 17 different amino acids, with levels that are many times higher than other precious medicinal herbs known to man, including some 2 very special active ingredients Very high content that only in this herb: Adenosine and Cordycepine.

Especially two important active ingredients, Cordycepine and Adenosine, have a lot of good effects for cancer patients. These two active ingredients have almost the same effect.

Medicines that work well for cancer patients

– Active ingredient Cordycepin has the ability to inhibit fission, fight the spread of cancer cells, can destroy a large number of cancer cells in the patient’s body.

– Help the body increase better immunity, increase the body’s resistance, help the patient’s body revive immune cells, maintain the body’s immune function, so that viruses, viruses Harmful bacteria will be destroyed when entering the body of a person with cancer. Cancer patients need their bodies to have a good immune system, because if the immune system is weakened, cancer patients will have many more dangerous diseases.

– Polysaccharides can promote the metabolism of lymphadenopathy, enhance the body’s ability to fight against cancer cells in patients and non-infected people.

– Active ingredient Adenosine is the main ingredient participating in the formation of DNA, ATP helps inhibit bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, helps stabilize the heart, enhances blood circulation and oxygen in the body.

– D-Manitol enhances blood circulation in the brain, reduces blood fat, prevents atherosclerosis, restores alveoli in the lungs, and protects against cirrhosis and hepatitis. These organs of cancer patients that are healthy, prolong the life of the patient.

– For cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, radiation therapy using this medicine will help the body recover quickly, help the body eliminate toxins from the body. fast. Helping patients with good health, increasing the chances of a higher cure.

– At the same time, this “panacea” also has the effect of sedating, relieving the pain of pain caused by cancer cells.

Eastern medicine’s view of cancer patients

– About yin and yang, in the body of cancer patients. Eastern medicine is classified among those who have a very high negative balance. The body is highly negative, this medicine is highly positive, so using king herbs will help the patient quickly get the harmony of yin and yang.

– Due to the fact that Western medicine currently has no specific treatment for cancer, most of these drugs are very expensive, and current supportive medicines for cancer treatment have side effects that are not good for the body. As for king herbs, this medicinal ingredient has no side effects, helping the body to recover comprehensively, boosting the immune functions of patients. Therefore, the use of this medicinal herb to prevent and treat cancer. Used as a therapeutic adjuvant. This is the best option for cancer patients when there is no specific medicine for this disease.

Note: Currently in the world only 5 countries are able to grow this medicine in artificial environments, the US, China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Humans have known over 600 similar types of this. But there are only 2 types with good medicinal properties, the highest, scientific names are Cordyceps Sinensis and Cordyceps Militaris.

These two medicinal herbs have almost the same medicinal properties. Currently, most of the products, medicines, functional foods are taken from precious substances and compounds contained in medicinal herbs grown in artificial environments. In the current market, the majority of them are king Cordyceps Militaris .

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