The times you should use Cordyceps

Cordyceps cordyceps medicine is extremely valuable, formerly only the king, the officials, the “superpower, landlords” are eligible to use. Today this elixir is no longer exclusive to that class. And especially this medicine has been used by many women today.
But the time should use Cordyceps for women, there are also different times. Here are the sharing of experts who recommend you to use at specific times as follows.

1. Cordyceps should be used during puberty

At this stage, their bodies are developing “speeding up” both in quality and quantity, with the following signs: The body parts grow “big and long”, chest enlargement, legs long arms, generally tall body very fast. Along with that, hormones and genitals also develop to ensure the functions of women later.

Cordyceps should be used at this time for children with weak bodies, poorly developed genitals. In the Cordyceps, there are active substances that affect the endocrine system, in order to produce adequate hormones for this stage. Your hormones at this stage are sufficient, so your sexual organs are fully developed. At the same time using this medicine also works to make your hormones develop normally. These effects ensure the “natural” motherhood of women later.

2. Before pregnancy

If you have a complete pregnancy plan, you should use Cordyceps before pregnancy. Because if before a pregnancy has a healthy body, the fetus is also inherited. During pregnancy, the fetus needs a lot of nutrients, these nutrients are weak and always lacking. Especially, using sperm will help the hormones and sex hormones be strengthened, making conception process more convenient.

Medical studies have shown that this herb is especially good at improving the symptoms of uterine cold (infertile sisters). Good for difficult conception cases, or miscarriage due to the main cause of uterine cold. Using this medicine will help you keep the uterus warm, increase fertility and reduce the risk of miscarriage very effectively.

Conclusion: Before the time of pregnancy, women with weak bodies, women who are difficult to conceive, women with cold uterine symptoms should use Cordyceps .

3. Cordyceps should be used immediately after birth

The moment you just gave birth to a little angel, is also the time when your health is weakest and weakest. At this time, your body has the appearance: skin, pale skin, hair loss, melasma, osteoporosis … After giving birth, some parts of women have sagging like chest, abdomen, buttocks. Everyone knows these parts are the “front” of the sisters. Cordyceps has compounds that help the metabolism, the elimination of toxins, the digestive process is strengthened, which in this stage your body is needed.

Adnonsine and Cordycepia in Cordyceps will make muscles stronger, firmer, make cells healthier, slow down the aging process of the body. This is very helpful for you at this stage, because the muscles are healthier, some parts of your postpartum are not loose, not many wrinkles. Against aging means that you will be as young as before you were pregnant.

4. Premenopause time

The rapid change in hormones during perimenopause is the cause of stress (stress), skin pigmentation, hair loss, vaginal dehydration, drought, wrinkles, osteoporosis … Use Cordyceps becomes really necessary during this period. In this panacea there are two active ingredients are Adenosine and Cordycepin. These two active ingredients work to inhibit the aging of the body, producing many female physiological hormones.

Make the sisters younger, avoid being “dehydrated, dry during this period. Look and be hotter inside because the female sex hormone is more, the sisters will be very hot. Also in this panacea has up to 17 amino acids and vitamins of very high levels. Makes muscular and nervous system health better, so pushing the time of “menopause” farther away, this is very important for middle-aged women.

5. Menopause time

No matter what you do, you have to go to a time when women don’t want to. That is the menopause. When women enter the code phase

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